Tubes aren't just for earaches


It has been forever and a day since my last blog post but luckily it’s for a good reason. Oliver has been healthy, growing, and thriving! And it is all thanks to getting tubes in his ears.


Usually when you hear about kids getting tubes in their ears the first question that is asked is how bad their ear infections were. But Oliver didn’t have ear infections. Two total in his lifetime thus far and both occurred after he was scheduled to have his tubes placed.


Oliver had extremely thick fluid in his ears that would move and cause pain, shock his system when he could hear for brief moments, and all around made him sluggish when it came to growing, eating, and completing milestones.


In the first six months of this year we were hospitalized three times and sick more times than we could count and we thought it had to do with his ears, so, I fought for him to get tubes even though every doctor told me he didn’t need them.


Luckily the MRI we had done for seizure activity worked as a dual diagnosis (he doesn’t have seizures thankfully) but it did show how thick the fluid was, so finally a doctor at our children’s hospital agreed to do the surgery.


In the first six months of this year Oliver did not grow, he did not gain weight; his therapy sessions were horrendous scream fests, milestones got farther and farther away from us. We kept hoping it was just his ears, if he could just get the tubes everything would change, and we were right.


In less than three months Oliver has gained almost four pounds and has grown three inches. He can now sit up from lying down, pull to stand, side step on furniture, even take a few steps if you hold his hands. He says mama and gabs constantly, he finally responds when you call his name.


The thing about being a special needs parent, above all else we have to trust our gut. My gut told me that tubes were what my Oliver needed when everyone else told me it wasn’t.


Trust your instincts. Fight for what your child needs. Don’t be afraid to bother their pediatrician until you are blue in the face. Fight for the tests they say are unnecessary. You know your child better than anyone else. The thing they say they don’t need might just be the thing that will change their life.